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Our Vision

The Department of Biological Sciences at Purdue University Calumet will maintain scientific leadership in Northwest Indiana and expand its recognition nationally and internationally. We will play a role in bridging education, research, and community development. The department will embrace experiential learning and will secure funding for teaching and research that enhances student success, strengthens infrastructure, and contributes to the scientific knowledge that builds a modern society.

Faculty Group Picture

Back row (l to r): Feng-Song Wang, Leslie Dorworth, Deborah Johnson, Lynda Levin, Nancy O’Keefe, Barbara Mania-Farnell,
Diane Trgovcich-Zacok, Debra Grant, Young Choi.

Front row (l to r): Charles Tseng, Radmila Sarac, Mike Henson, Terry Dougherty, Evert Ting, Curtis Creighton, Amy Farris.

Dr. Choi

Young D. Choi, Ph.D.
Plant Community & Restoration

Gyte 292
(219) 989-2325

Prof. Creighton

J. Curtis Creighton, Ph.D.
Assoc. Professor
Behavioral Ecology, Ecology & Evolution

Gyte 288
(219) 989-2617

Dr. Dougherty

Terence J. Dougherty, Ph.D.
Microbiology & Immunology

Gyte 148a
(219) 989-2016

Dr. Henson

Michael C. Henson, Ph.D.
Professor, Head of Dept.
Reproductive Physiology

Gyte 297
(219) 989-2260

Prof. Mania-Farnell

Barbara Mania-Farnell, Ph.D.
Neurobiology & Developmental Biology

Gyte 288
(219) 989-2014

Mrs. O'Keefe

Nancy O'Keefe, M.S.
Continuing Lecturer

Gyte 293
(219) 989-3177

Dr. Sarac

Radmila Sarac, Ph.D.
Asst. Professor
Molecular Biology

Gyte 290
(219) 989-2492

Prof. Ting

W.T. Evert Ting, Ph.D.

Gyte 295
(219) 989-2490

Prof. Tseng

Charles C. Tseng, Ph.D.
Molecular Biology & Genomics

Gyte 291
(219) 989-2403

Prof. Wang

Feng-Song Wang, Ph.D.
Assoc. Professor
Cell Biology

Gyte 289
(219) 989-2152

Michael I. Zimmer, Ph.D

Michael I. Zimmer, Ph.D.
Asst. Professor
Immunology & Microbiology

Gyte 282
(219) 989-2491



Leslie E. Dorworth

Leslie E. Dorworth, M.S.
Aquatic Ecology Specialist
IL-IN Sea Grant College Program

Gyte 280
(219) 989-2306

Lynda G. Levin

Lynda G. Levin, M.S.
Lab Coordinator-Intro Biology

Gyte 280
(219) 989-2602

Diane Trgovcich-Zacok

Diane Trgovcich-Zacok, M.S.
Freshman Advisor

Gyte 181
(219) 989-4116
219-989-3139 fax


Amy Farris

Amy Farris, M.S.
Demonstration Assistant

Gyte 022
(219) 989-2306

Deborah Johnson

Deborah S. Johnson, M.S.
Demonstration Assistant

Gyte 004a
(219) 989-2199

Deb Grant

Debra L. Grant

Gyte 298
(219) 989-2404
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